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ALS offers learning and content services in all areas of brand storytelling including training, consulting, coaching, content marketing and related services. We also offer content development/ghost writing of books and e-books.

We inspire our customers to share their success stories with the world and also provide content creation and promotion services.

Storytelling Packages

Storytelling Packages

Welcome to the world of digital and transmedia storytelling. Make huge savings on money, by going for our package deals. We offer several digital storytelling packages, in which we create a story for multiple platforms including blog story, PPT story, visual story, video story and so on. We can also create a customize package to match your exact needs.

Communicate the same message across multiple platforms and build your credibility by consistent branding.

Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding

(Content Creation + Social Media Management)

Give it. Shut it. Forget it. Outsource your social media branding needs to us and leave it to us to nurture and build your brand. We will create content and your social media profiles and post exciting content with consistent frequency and timings.

We create content in the story format or with story touch and also manage your social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Blog and Pinterest.

Case Study Storytelling

Case Study Storytelling

We can help you create case study stories of your clients. The case study is the best way to demonstrate your expertise and explain your business process in B2B markets. Visuals and infographics can also be added to the case study to increase its appeal.

The customer testimonials are incorporated in the case study itself, making it all the more powerful tool.

Animated Video Storytelling

Animated video storytelling

Videos are the most powerful branding tool because of their audio visual impact. SMEs can also make simple and basic videos to convey their message.

Simple videos can be made by mixing images and video clips, along with background music. Some products like adventure tourism, where movement/action has to be shown as part of the story, the video becomes necessary.

Let’s co-create an inspiring touching story.

Marketing Collaterals

Marketing Collaterals

We can also help you create and design your brochures, newsletters, mailers, catalogues and so on with a story touch. Creating top of the mind awareness is the main objective of marketing and branding activities and nothing does it better than story.

About Me/ About Us Website Story

About Me/ About Us website story

Stories are like an omnipotent medicine. They inspire action, connect emotionally and build reputation. And as one of the leading voices of business storytelling says, “Storytelling reveals meaning beyond self-congratulations.” In your personal or organizational story, we add energy and inspiration.

Stories also provide inspiration through role models to people and organisations, which are facing similar challenges though it can be in different industries, cultures and contexts. Stories touch hearts and therefore naturally go viral very often.

Story has to be authentic though. What comes straight from the heart often touches the hearts. So are you ready to co-create your story with us, and rule the hearts of your customers and audiences?

So come and join us for a coffee. If our wavelength and storytength matches, we may offer cookies too ;)

LinkedIn Profile/Company Page Story

LinkedIn profile/Company page story

One of the most boring tasks in the world is to read the Linkedin profiles of your connections (or LinkedIn company pages). They are full of jargon and overloaded with information, lengthy recommendations & everything else that can bore you to death. Even the summary of many a profile has the potential to give you a headache.

To ensure that your Linkedin profile tells a captivating story, the following points need to be kept in mind:-

  • The Headline
  • Profile Summary
  • Show your Human side
  • Add loads of Energy
  • Add Playfulness, if possible
  • Integrate the Story of your Organisation
  • Be You
  • The Emotional Connect of story

So whether you like a cold professional discussion or a warm chat, we welcome both. Come over and let’s talk story.

Blog (text) Stories

Blog (text) stories

Be it customer testimonials/case studies, interesting anecdotes or company events, they all have potential to be converted into interesting business stories. They may be used for a variety of purposes by an organisation.

Even business stories can be made inspirational. For example, how you helped a client solve a difficult problem can be presented in a way that it is inspiring for other prospective clients. The achievements of the client have to be interwoven in the story in such a way, that it becomes part of the story’s natural flow.

Blogs also provide a good opportunity to integrate or embed pictures, presentation and video as part of the story. Words have to be sculpted well so that the story is precise and still retains all the crucial information. A great story retains the attention of the reader till the end and stays in the mind for a long time to come.

We at ALS believe in putting ourselves in the client’s story and then co-crate a lasting story which touches hearts and lives.

PPT / Visual Storytelling

PPT / Visual Storytelling

A picture says a thousand words and few words are added to the picture, it tells a touching story. Online media is moving more and more towards visual and audio-visual. Some products and services like interiors, architecture services etc are visual by nature and need a visual medium in any case.

We live in an age, where attention span has been subtracted (or reduced) from our lives, yet paradoxically it is called ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). A PowerPoint presentation is a powerful tool in our times to be minimalist with words and yet leave a powerful impression. There has to be Power in the Point (s) and nothing makes your message as powerful as story does.

PPT presentations in a story format, are also powerful tool for telling your individual or organizational success story. If a picture says a thousand words, a story surely touches a thousand hearts.

Background music can also be added to PPTs, to make them more appealing.

Quotable Quotes

Quotable Quotes

Writing Quotable Quotes for CEOs, CXOs and Entrepreneurs

You know you have arrived, when your signature becomes an autograph and your words become quotable quotes. Mass media or social, we all love to hear quotable quotes and we tend to remember them often.

The phrase itself says ‘quotable’ and we quote them in relevant speeches and discussions online and offline. Human brain has a preference for interesting and catchy stuff and our memory has a bias towards anything which we find interesting or worth remembering and using.

Let’s make you quotable, and make sure you look arrived.

E-books (with a story touch)

E-Books (with a story touch)

Everything (data or information) cannot be converted into story, yet everything can be given a story touch to make a piece of information memorable.

An e-book is a powerful concept for sharing knowledge on a specialized subject and as a launch pad for an upcoming author before you launch a hard copy book. The cost is low and the reach can be immense with many sites available to upload free / paid e-books.

An e-book can be very helpful in brand building of individuals as well as organisations. You are also free to include promotional material such as advertisements for your own products and services. An e-book is also a powerful tool for thought leaders, change makers and innovators. The idea can be presented in a story format and circulated to the target audience.

We at ALS give your e-book the story’s magical touch.

Info-graphic Storytelling

Infographic Storytelling

Infographics have become very popular online because of their power to present information in a visual and appealing way. They help to visualize relationships and statistics simply and easily. The flow or sequence is also easily represented, in case a process has to be shown. The information is presented in a very structured manner and can also be used to describe the range of your goods and services.

Infographics are not only catchy for the eye, but also fit into the visual human brain better. They can also be added to press releases to attract media attention.

Creating great infographics requires a strong visual sense as well as intellectual capacity. And we at ALS surely have it.

Individual Services

Individual Services

For detailed information regarding our individual / one to one services like coaching, visit our other website

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