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“The storytelling concept on my website has got loads of appreciation. Both the home page banner on my website: as well as my story have been brilliantly done by ALS team. It is not just a visual delight but very well thought out and has been executed properly. It is comprehensive and engages the readers without being information heavy. Thanks a lot Dr. Amit for an amazing piece of work!”

Preeti Subberwal, Life Coach

“Seldom do you come across persons blessed with an abundance of intellect, creativity and execution ability: Dr. Amit Nagpal snugly fits into that rarest of slots. He has managed to cut through the clutter in the Personal Branding space by lending an individual, insightful and creative touch to every endeavour of his. Evolving to Storytelling for Branding comes naturally to him and he has already created an indelible mark there through his organisation ALS. His collaboration with the best of his peers globally has given him a decisive edge. As a person, he is humane, witty and brims with infectious positive energy. A joy and privilege to be under your world-class tutelage.”

Vijay Nallawala, Author & Coach, Mumbai

“Love the voice and POV that you are sharing”

Michael Margolis, Founder, Get Storied, USA


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