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As an Inspirational Storytelling organisation, we assist deeply passionate entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs share their stories which inspire action, connect emotionally and build reputation.

A. L. Services offers content development/story writing, consulting, training and other services in the area of brand storytelling. AL Services is named after Dr. Amit Nagpal’s (Founder) mother (Late) Smt Anupam Nagpal. It was started in March 2011, to undertake variety of activities in the areas of branding and storytelling with a special focus on social and other online media.

From Branding to Bonding-The ALS Story


“You Inspire someone,

Someone inspires you.

You bring out the best in someone,

Someone brings out the best in you.

What else is life for?”

 The Beginnings

ALS began as a social media marketing firm in 2011. The focus area was online branding and storytelling was our preferred tool for branding, be it personal branding or business branding.

Yet we never knew our stories would make people laugh and cry. And one fine day we began to realize the immense power of stories to inspire people, energize action, connect emotionally, build reputation and entertain us at the same time.. In simple words, we never knew that we will fall in love with storytelling.

Stories are full of depth and meaning. Story delivers information, connects people on an emotional level and builds community. We love storytelling because storytelling integrates:-

  • Self interest with others interest
  • Education with entertainment
  • Emotions with logic
  • Electronic, print and other mass media (Transmedia storytelling)
  • Young generation with the old (Transgenerational)
  • Online with offline brand
  • Social media with mass media
  • Personal with business brand

And most important of all, stories humanize our mechanical world.

The Approach

Dr. Amit Nagpal is Chief Inspirational Storyteller at AL Services. He is an Author, Speaker/Trainer and Coach. To know more, visit Our formula for social media mega success is ->

Social Media Mega Success = Mindful Content + Passionate Engagement + Heartfelt Collaboration.

From Branding to Bonding

Unconsciously we had begun to develop deeper connection with our customers through our stories. We realized that due to social media, too many people had started building their brands but were actually irritating their audience rather than building reputation. So you must be wondering what actually builds our brand? Here are the answers we had discovered:-

-What rather builds a brand is mindful content, passionate engagement and soulful collaboration.

-What builds a brand is perception enhancement over a period of time, sharing our achievements as inspiring stories.

-What builds a brand is our actions and consolidating our successes at one place.

-What builds a brand is our love and passion for our domain, the infectious enthusiasm in our speech and the joy in our personality.

The Journey Continues

And we decided to do the hand-holding of our clients from ‘Branding’ (the journey) to ‘Bonding’ (the destination).

And we have been bonding with our clients and helping them bond with their clients happily thereafter.


May you get mega success via social media and may we get the opportunity to hold your hand on the way!

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